Our HGV Training Courses

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Category C
Vehicles over 3,500kg + a trailer up to 750kg
This is the most popular HGV licence in the UK and is the entry level HGV licence.
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Category C+E
As Cat C but with a trailer over 750kg
This is the largest vehicle you can drive in the HGV industry. To obtain this HGV licence, you must already have a Cat C licence.
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Back to Back
Combined Category C and C+E training course
The fastest way to earn your Cat C C+E license, you could earn up to £32k per year driving any vehicle local, long haul, even cross-continent.
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Driving yourself is often the cheapest way to transport your horses
Horsebox Training designed for the Equestrian Community. You can legally drive a Horsebox from the age of 18.
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Category C1
Vehicles 3,500kg – 7,500kg
If you passed your car test prior to January 1997, you will have this entitlement already by rights.
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Category C1+E
As Cat C1 but with a trailer over 750kg
If you’ve already got a Category C1 licence and you want to tow a larger trailer, then our Category C1+E course is for you.