Female Driving Instructors

Looking for Female Driving Instructor?

With the majority of instructors in the UK being male, we are pleased to say that we have a big team of Female Instructors on board.

We understand that learner drivers can be very nervous and it can be quite difficult to be calm and find your feet. For your ease and comfort, all our driving instructors are fully qualified to give you the opportunity to choose from a female or male instructor.

Our female driving instructors are fully qualified and offer you lessons in both automatic and manual driving. Our female driving instructors can speak in foreign languages which is obviously more comfortable and relax your mind knowing you can communicate better and can fully concentrate on the road which is what we want you to do to your best.

Here at SDS we want your lessons to be more productive, we will ensure that you have a positive and good relationship with your instructor making it the best experience with comfort.

All our instructors are DBS checked and are confident in what they do and teach. All Approved Driving Instructors are fully qualified to teach you to drive regardless of their gender. There may be a number of reasons why a learner driver would choose to take their driving lessons with a female ADI instead of a male ADI.

All our instructors are family-friendly and will give you the best chance and a fantastic opportunity to learn well, to the best and make sure you are safe and good driver. Safer driving leads to fewer accidents and injuries on the road, which can be costly in terms of repairs, insurance and downtime. We encourage you to be more efficient so that can have a huge impact on driving community in the Midlands. We want you to be happy and safe in our environment and have a wonderful learning journey.