I searched the whole internate for a female automatic driving instructor, But I couldn’t get any one day when I was about to give up I received a phone call from Shelly and she was very nice polite and humble and she asked me when I wanted to start . My journey started 2018 with Shelly before my theory test. Everything was locked down due to covid and. I didn’t loose contact I kept on practising until
I went for my theory test in 2021 in July. I resumed lesson with Shelly. Who was so much accommodating despite my. Mistakes and my family problems Shelly would take time to listen. And give me advice she was not only my instructor but also my mentor. I went for my first test in Feb 2022 and I failed with one serious mistake we all where disheartened but Shelly kept on encore me that we have to go on and I took her word. I. Book again and I went for my test in May and I passed with a 4 minors. All wht Shelly was teaching me came exactly as it was thank you Shelly for being the best female instructor 😍